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As you might expect, we have no shortage of Alpaca poo on the farm! We collect it on a weekly basis and now have an excessive number of bags that we need to get rid of.

If you are a gardener, Paca Poo is one of the best fertilisers you can get:


  • It is virtually odourless.
  • It is a rich soil conditioner.
  • It improves the soil quality and its ability to retain water.
  • It is great for plants, providing a fair amount of nitrogen and potassium and about average levels of phosphorus.
  • It can be spread directly onto garden plants without burning them.

The bags are 30cm x 24cm. You can collect them directly from the farm on Pound Lane, Broseley. Please note that delivery is not available on this product.

Paca Poo

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Frankly Fabulous Gifts

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