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Happy Alpacas at Fence


Imagine sitting with your family and friends on a bench in a tranquil and peaceful outdoor space, in the beautiful open countryside, enjoying a picnic in the calming and relaxing presence of a herd of beautiful alpacas. That's what our Alpaca Picnics are all about!

Our Alpaca Picnics are the perfect antidote to the stress and non-stop nature of modern life and allow you to get up close and personal with the alpacas. No viewing them from a distance, from over a fence or on the end of a lead! You will get a truly intimate experience.


When you arrive at the farm, we'll talk you through the important health and safety practices so you're set up to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Then, we'll take you to each of our three paddocks, introducing you to the various groups of alpacas that live here and telling you a bit about them. We'll provide you with food for the alpacas and you will have plenty of time to bond with them, feed them and take photographs with them.

During your experience, you can ask us any questions you would like and we'll do our best to answer them.

Finally, we'll get you set up on a bench outside, in The Old Barn, or if you prefer, you can bring a rug for a more rustic experience! You can bring your own picnic, or purchase our beautiful picnic boxes to tuck into. Then, with the alpacas and our other animals close by so you can enjoy their presence, we'll leave you to tuck into your picnic and enjoy the surroundings of our rustic Shropshire farm.



Additional Tickets: £10 per person

Please bring your own picnic - food is not provided. Picnic Boxes available at extra cost (see below)

* Please note that BBQ's and cooking equipment are not permitted due to fire safety requirements.

Picnic at Frankly Alpacas




  1. Introductory talk and safety briefing

  2. 40 minutes of picnic time with the Alpacas nearby

  3. 30 minutes feeding and petting time with the Alpacas

  4. Alpaca food provided

  5. Q&A opportunities throughout

  6. Picnic boxes available at extra cost


Would you like a Picnic Box? 

Why not save yourself some time and effort and let us provide you with a delicious Picnic Box? They're great for sharing or you can buy more than one so there's plenty to go round!

Our boxes are hand-prepared by a local delicatessen using the best ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available (extra cost may apply).

£18 per box
Available on booking

Picnic Box at Frankly Alpacas
Frankly Alpacas Logo

Picnic Box Contents

All items are included in your Picnic box

Mixed Sandwiches

Pork Pie

Sausage Roll
Homemade Cake Selection

Fruit Selection


Vegeterian options available on request

Vegan and Gluten Free options available at additional cost

We take allergies seriously. Please inform us on booking of any allergies you may have.

The Old Barn is the perfect place to enjoy your picnic.

We've equipped it with heaters and cooling fans to ensure your comfort, whatever the weather.

Or, if you prefer, you can dine al fresco on one of our picnic tables for a panoramic view of the Shropshire countryside while you eat.

The Old Barn Interior
Frankly Farm Tours Sign

What You Need To Know

Frankly Farm Tours is a working farm with minimal facilities in a rural location. You may need to walk across rough and uneven ground in multiple weather conditions. ​

We do not provide picnic food or drink at present, so you will need to bring your own according to your preferences.

While Alpacas are calm and good-natured creatures, they are still large wild animals and can therefore be unpredictable. It is imperative that you supervise any children you bring with you at all times, ensuring they remain by your side and are not allowed to roam around freely. This is vital to ensure their safety.

For reasons of safety and to prevent any infectious diseases being transmitted to our guests, we do not allow petting of the Alpacas before consumption of your picnic. Please be aware that you must ensure your hands are washed and cleaned after your picnic, before handling the Alpacas. You will need to wash your hands again afterwards, before you leave us. 

We provide handwashing facilities and anti-bacterial gel.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that this is an outdoor experience on farm tracks. These tracks are not smoothly tarmacked and may be uneven or muddy. As a result, our experiences are not accessible for wheelchair users or pushchairs.

  2. We reserve the right to refuse you participation of the experience if we feel it is a risk to your own safety. In this instance no refund will be given.

  3. While alpacas are generally calm, reserved creatures, they are still wild animals and can therefore be unpredictable. We have done our best to minimise the risks of accidents but unfortunately we can never completely eliminate this risk. Prior to the experience we will brief you on our health and safety procedures and it is your responsibility to follow them at all times. We cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur whilst you are on our premises.

  4. Bookings can be made online, via email or by phone. Online bookings or bookings via email must be made 48 hours in advance but please feel free to call us within 48 hours for last minute availability.

  5. Please be aware before you book your experience that we cannot offer refunds if you change your mind. We will try to re-book you at a later date if there is a genuine reason for not attending, at our discretion, but during busy holiday periods this may not be possible.

  6. We do not issue refunds due to inclement weather. We do run experiences in the rain so please be prepared to bring some wellies and wet weather gear with you. Although we wish it were not so, the weather is not within our control.

  7. If we have to cancel for any reason you will either be offered a later date or a refund.

  8. Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes prior to your allotted start time to allow for you to be booked in. In order to ensure our experiences run to schedule, we are unable to accommodate late arrivals and a refund will not be given.

  9. If you have underlying health conditions then it is your responsibility to assess whether you are fit to undertake the experience. If in doubt please consult a medical professional prior to the experience.

  10. Children remain the responsibility of the supervising adult at all times whilst on site. Please ensure they are capable of completing the experience they are booked for and ensure they remain under your control at all times.

  11. Although our alpacas are clean animals we would strongly advise washing hands prior to eating food and leaving the site.

  12. We reserve the right to refuse your participation if we feel you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Farm Panoramic
Young Alpacas Feeding
Alpaca Feeding
Alpacas in Paddock
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